Get To Know Our Team

Recognizing people as our greatest asset and their commitment and effort as the engine of our success.

aWhiteAllison White, Sales LeadAllison (Allie) oversees all customer accounts for Trout Lake Farm while personally managing accounts in the Tea & Beverage arena as well as many distributers & manufacturers.  Allie joined the Trout Lake Farm sales department in 1997 and is about to celebrate her 17th anniversary.  Allie has been blessed to see Trout Lake Farm through many seasons and changes over the years.  All the while, knowing that the best is yet to come!  She works diligently with all Trout Lake Farm departments to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible service & products…..from contracting and mill scheduling to reviewing product quality, and taking pictures of the crops during planting and harvest to share with our many customers.  When asked what her favorite aspect of her job is, Allie says “That’s a hard one!!  I think it is a bit of a toss-up.  I love working with my customers, many of whom I consider my personal friends after so many years.  I also love getting out of the office once in a while, to go play in the fields & take pictures.  Last but not least, I love working on Peppermint blends.  Working with our many harvested lots to come up with the best blends to meet customer spec’s for volatile oil and flavor profile.”  When not at work, Allie enjoys spending time at home with her son, gardening, serving in her church, and spending quality time with friends & family!

teamDanielleDanielle Hawkins, West Farm ManagerDanielle has been an integral part of the farm since her arrival in 2009.  She is responsible for all farm operations including preparing ground, planting, cultivating, all the way through harvest to root washing and bin drying.  Danielle has been a leading force in the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Trout Lake Farm is proud to be an industry leader in food safety standards.  She has created an entirely new farm documentation system and standard operating procedures and has set the highest standards for safety on the farm.  The safety of her employees is her number one priority.  Danielle’s favorite part of her job: “…when I am out in the field on early morning rounds and see everyone working hard in the weeding crew, the tractors moving through the fields, the sun rising against Mt. Adams, and the day going according to planned, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings.”  She is a strong promoter of organic, sustainable agriculture and does everything she can to promote the health of the soil and environment around her.  When she is not working; hiking with her pup, gardening, camping, fly fishing, sewing, and cross country skiing are just a few of the things which keep her busy.

teamPhilPhil Hintz, Ephrata Farm ManagerBorn and raised on a farm, Phil has a lifetime of agricultural experience. He was recruited in spring 1998 to manage Trout Lake Farm East. Managing the East Farm was Phil’s first experience with organic herbal agriculture. The greatest motivation in this position was the new and different challenges to overcome to successfully grow and harvest such a variety of herbs. Unlike conventional commodity type agricultural crops there continues to be plenty of room for innovation in the organic herbal farming industry. This keeps the job exciting and interesting. With new research crops being trialed at the East Farm, the future promises to keep Trout Lake Farm and Nutrilite as leaders in the industry. Phil is proud to be a part of that leadership.  Phil enjoys weight training, traveling with his wife, and spending time with his 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

hFolks-LambertHeather Folks-Lambert, Quality Assurance ManagerHeather is responsible for Quality Assurance functions at Trout Lake Farm, LLC. She brings 15 years of quality leadership experience in the food industry and a strong background in pathogen control and sanitation.  In her current position, Heather supports operations with a team based, first time quality ethic focused on streamlining quality processes and making Trout Lake Farm products second to none in food safety, quality and regulatory compliance.  Heather is a native of Washington State.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, gardening, reading and making handcrafted soap.

teamDarwinDarwin Hintz, Technology Manager, Trout Lake FarmDarwin has over 20 years of experience in implementing innovative practices and technology in the growing, harvesting and post-harvest operations with various agriculture crops.  One of Darwin’s proud accomplishments was promoting and incorporating the first use of RTK GPS technology in Nutrilite Global Agribusiness Operations’ farms, showing cost savings and benefits. Darwin is passionate about solving technical and mechanical issues. Darwin loves a challenge and he works tirelessly toward new, innovative solutions.  He has been involved in farming since he was a boy and loves the challenges and joys of the farming life. He also loves music and is the drummer in his Church’s worship band. He is married and has five grown boys.